Access And Route to Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of the active volcanoes to date, Mount Bromo is located in Malang City, East Java, precisely bordering Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang Regency. This mountain is very popular both for foreign and foreign tourists because of its beauty, the name Bromo is taken from Sanskrit ‘Brahma’ which is one of the Main Gods of Hindus.

Access And Route to Mount BromoYou can use various kinds of ways to get to Bromo, practically, friend travelers can use Travel services such as in, or friend travelers can use private vehicles (cars) to be more comfortable, rent motorbikes / cars, or use public transportation to Mount Bromo. For Travel services, my friend can directly search on google search because I want to share info about public transportation and the path that is passed if I bring my own vehicle so that more local tourists can come to this beautiful place without having to spend a lot of money.


Access And Route to Mount Bromo

Surabaya Line – Bromo Using private vehicles (cars)

To access the road to Bromo by using a Private Car, you can follow the same road with the motorbike lane, or you can shorten the time by going through the Toll road, turning the Waru Roundabout into the Toll Road and taking the route to Malang to exit at the exit of the Toll Road in Porong, and then just follow the same direction as the motorbike track user.

Surabaya Line – Bromo Using a private vehicle (Via Cemoro kandang – Tumpang)

Another alternative to get to Bromo can also be through the Tumpang village path, but I forget the details, the exact starting point is still the same, my friend travels to Sidoarjo through Porong, but no need to turn left towards Pasuruan Bangil, but just keep going straight follow the road to Gempol and Lawang until arriving in Malang City. After going through the Blimbing station on the left side of the road, friend traveler turned left on Adi Sucipto street. From Adi Sucipto road, continue through Wendit Road and turn right past Wijaya Kusuma road until the junction and turn right through Madyopura road and then turn left through Cemoro Kandang road. From Cemoro Street, this cage is a straight way to arrive at Tumpang Village. From the Pasar Tumpang, just ask the residents around the Tumpang market, where the right route to get to Mount Bromo.

Access to Mount Bromo using public transportation from Surabaya

There are two public transportation lines that can be used to go to Mount Bromo, through Malang or via probolinggo, the most frequently traversed route is the probolinggo route via Cemoro Lawang.

Access to Public Transportation Towards Mount Bromo via the Probolinggo (Purbalingga) route

If you depart from Surabaya, the traveler must go to Bungurasih (Purabaya) Terminal in Surabaya first. If you are a traveler living outside Java / outside East Java, then when you arrive at Juanda airport, your friend can use Damri Airport bus to go to Bungurasih terminal at a rate of Rp.20,000. From Bungurasih Terminal, choose the Bus that goes to Malang City, Arjosari Malang Terminal with a tariff range of Rp.15,000 to Rp. 25,000 for +/- 2 hours, don’t forget to always be aware of the fraud in the Terminal, avoid buying tickets from terminal brokers.

After arriving at the Arjosari terminal, the next destination is Bayu Angga Probolinggo Terminal, the traveler can continue the trip at a rate of Rp +/- 15,000 for 2.5 hours. After arriving at the Probolinggo terminal, continue with the Elf (a size Mini Bus) to go to the Cemoro Lawang area for Rp. 25,000. Elf is only available until 2:00 p.m., and starts operating again at 8 o’clock the next morning, so don’t let buddy travel late. In general, elves only just started to leave after full passengers (around 12 people).
From Arjosari Malang terminal to Bayu Angga Probolinggo Terminal, it takes about 2.5 hours of driving with Rp 10,000 per bus ticket price.

From Cemoro Lawang, the location of Mount Bromo is still far enough to walk, except for friends, travelers like trecking, the transportation options here are Jeep / Hardtop with a cost of Rp. 350,000 – Rp 550.000 (negotiable)

What Are The Advantages Of Vacation To Bromo Bromo Tour Packages?

What Are The Advantages Of Vacation To Bromo Bromo Tour Packages ? .Vacation to mount Bromo tours kawasna would have been so much fun. It would be more fun if you could take a vacation and camping at the top of Bromo beramai – crowded with friends-friends or College Office. Well, so you get a satisfactory facilities while on vacation to Mt. Bromo then there is no harm in You using Bromo tour packages that are very popular among visitors to mount Bromo.

Tour to Bromo volcano located in East Java province is certainly going to be very complicated if you are from overseas or outside the island of Java. Yet from tarnsportasi, lodging, until you have to arrange licensing. Well it is therefore on this occasion we will invite you to discuss the benefits that you will gain if using bromo tour packages.

What Are The Advantages Of Vacation To Bromo Bromo Tour Packages Use?

Advantage Vacation To Bromo Bromo Tour Package

1. Vacation becomes more of a maximum

The purpose of your vacation to Mt. Bromo certainly because you want to enjoy the natural beauty of charming Mt. Bromo to eliminate tiredness and refresh the brain from many activities a day – day. In order to make your vacation more comfortable and uncomplicated, Bromo tour package can then streamline Your vacation needs.

2. Obtain a satisfactory Service and ease of Vacation

By using the bromo tour package, you no longer have to take care of these permissions and that is just to visit Bromo volcano. By using the bromo tour package, you just need to focus on your vacation while the transport affairs, licensing, and others will be completed by the travel agent you use. In addition, you will get the maximum service so that you will be more in the spirit of the holiday.

3. The cost of the cheaper Holidays

One way for the cost of a vacation to Bromo being cheaper then you must bring a lot of personnel. This would be cheaper if you use bromo tour packages. Different if you’re vacationing alone and should bear the costs alone. In contrast to groups because the cost will be divided into equally.

4. New Relationships
With the bromo tour package apply allows you to get the new partnership, as an experienced tour leader, tour guide, and more. Best recomendation to handle your trip tour mount bromo from surabaya, yogyakarta bali banyuwangi or yogyakarta or malang is

Things You Should Consider When Going for a Bromo Tour Package

Things You Should Consider When Going for a Bromo Tour Package . So, here are the things about Bromo tour package. Some of you might assume that it is just another so-so kind of tour; climbing, watching the sunrise then off you go. Well actually, this is not wholly true. There is one or two reasons of why people saying that, but mostly it is because of the weather. Since they are all targeting to see the sunrise, when the weather is cloudy then they can only see the-not-very white clouds covering the view. Now, you get the point. Don’t go to Bromo when Indonesia is all rainy.

Things You Should Consider When Going for a Bromo Tour Package

For your information, Indonesia gets rainy from the middle of the year around September, until April the next year. The safest period for you to go for Bromo tour package or to climb to any Indonesian mountains is when it is dry season. Dry season in Indonesia, or summer—for other countries, is around May to August. Therefore, please check it carefully, when is your holiday coming and when Indonesia is not in wet season. It is because, obviously, there is a bigger chance for you to be able to witness a sunrise during the tour as no cloudy around.

Things You Should Consider When Going for a Bromo Tour Package

In addition, the second thing that people often complained about is the price of tour. There are so many travel agents offering the same package. However, there are almost none of them which offer a more reasonable price, even when it is low season—meaning that your chance to see the sunrise is less. Therefore, you may prefer to travel alone. Being a lone wolf for Bromo tour package is not impossible. Just make sure that you master the local knowledge about the area, so you won’t be lied to by local merchants. That way, maybe you can have your tour within the budget . For cheap price please contact .