Estimated Time In Mount Rinjani Trekking

  • In climbing a mountain is not enough just one or two days especially if the visited mountain is quite large as Mount Rinjani. For that if you want to ekslpore all the wealth of Rinjani then you must provide a holiday time of at least one week just to mount rinjani trekking ┬áby using travel packages 5 days 4 nights and the rest are used to go home and rest at home. With such a long time you can be satisfied to enjoy the beauty of Rinjani by camping either at Plewangan Sembalun or in the beautiful Segara Anak lake. In addition with the availability of a long time you can enjoy the journey so as not in a hurry when climbing.
  • Actually, the climb time to get to the top of Mount Rinjani is not too long for days. It’s just a trip to the top of Rinjani will be very tiring so that each climber requires adequate rest time in every post there. To estimate the time required from heading one to the other post varies depending on the terrain and the physical resistance of the climber so that the stronger the climbers will be the faster they get to the next resting point. Here is an accurate estimate of the time required for each climber via the Sembalun route to the top of Rinjani
  • From the registration basecemp to the entrance of Sembalun climb takes about an hour or even more.
  • From Sembalun climbing entrance to post 1 which is about 2 hours drive with winding hilly terrain dominated by green grass
  • From post 1 to post 2 hilly terrain still adorn the eye but with the contours that are still sloping, to time travel from post 1 to post 2 about 1 hour or maybe faster.
  • From post 2 to post 3 takes about 1 hour
  • From post 3 to Plewangan Sembalun takes about 2 to 3 hours
  • From plewangan Sembalun to the top of Rinjani is about 4 to 5 hours with a fairly extreme sand field

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